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Definitive Guide to LEGO MINDSTORMS, Second Edition


This book provides a wealth of information on the mechanical design and programming of Mindstorms robots. The book is project based, with instructions for building 14 different robots. The robots are then programmed using Lego's RCX Code (the visual programming environment included with the Mindstorms set) as well as NQC (a more advanced programming language for Mindstorms).

The second edition of the book includes extensive coverage of RIS 2.0, including new RCX Code programs for many of the book's projects. The NQC examples have also been updated to take advantage of the RCX 2.0 Firmware. In addition, one of the projects (Steerbot) has been revised to use proximity detection (instead of a bumper), and can now be built without any extra parts.

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Definitive Guide to LEGO MINDSTORMS, First Edition

Extreme Mindstorms an Advanced Guide to LEGO MINDSTORMS


This is a more advanced book that explores new features of the RCX 2.0 Firmware, programming in pbForth and legOS, and building custom sensors. I enlisted the help of several other Mindstorms gurus in writing this book: Michael Gasperi, Ralph Hempel, and Luis Villa are co-authors.

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