Technic Inventories

Below are listings of the pieces contained within each set. Part numbers are used if known, and terminology for the Technic special elements is very similar to Jim Hughes' Technic Element Registry.


Most inventories were made by counting the contents of a set when new, however some of the sets are quite old and I had no way of verifying the original contents. Inventories marked as (estimated) include pieces necessary to build the main model, plus any obvious extras that came with the set, but do not include any other small extra pieces.

* I'd like to thank Selcuk Gore for providing inventories of sets 8207, 8230, 8425, 8443, 8459, 8841, 8845, 8860, and 8880. Thanks to Ralph Hempel for the inventory of 8062. Thanks to Ben Kimball for the inventory of 8213. Thanks to Jeff Weinstein for the inventory of 8414

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